Tiny-House on Wheels

An ecological Tiny-House from professional production offers an alternative against the housing shortage.

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How it all kicked of

The vision to build a tiny house originated in the summer of 2018. But what were my motives in the first place?
My son Jannis lived and studied in several European cities. I.e. Nijmegen (NL), Helsinki (FI), Wageningen (NL) and Brighton (UK). Every time he had to move to a new city, a difficult quest of finding affordable housing arose. Rents would easily go up to 800 Pound Sterling for the tenancy of a small room of 8 square meters. Excluding the additional costs for moving ones furniture and other personal belongings.

It was then that I realised that this hassle could be solved effectively. I remembered the years when I studied carpentery in Ahaus, Germany. At the time I lived in a self-converted vardo (Gypsy Wagon). It was very affordable and cushy, yet obsolete when looking at contemporary standards on safety, sustainability, luxury and comfort. So I decided to create a new Tiny House on Wheels. A mobil house that forms an affordable sollution to tight housing market conditions, whilst meeting high levels of sustainability and comfort.

In mid-2021, I plan to have finished building the first Tiny House, which will act as a prototype.

Bee hotel

Start of the wagon construction

The go-ahead for the construction of the prototype was given at the beginning of autumn 2018. First, the project was outlined, costed and an extensive research of existing Tiny-Houses was carried out. Afterwards, the construction plans were drawn up in close cooperation with an architect friend, and the building materials were ordered for the first time. After the first steps had been taken, it was time for the actual construction…

Exterior view wooden scaffolding

Individual furnishing

Many elements in the Tiny House can be individually selected, from the wood to the kitchen equipment to the stove. Thanks to our decades of experience in wood craftsmanship, we can realise almost any customer wish.

Interior fireplace


In the Tiny House one can live self-sufficiently.

Solar panels on the roof generate electricity. Some powerful batteries ensure ones access to power on cloudy days.

Furthermore, the Tiny House on Wheels is equipped with sizable drink- and grey water tanks.

The kitchen’s cooking range and fridge can either be supported by gas or electricity. The choice is yours.

A cosy wood stove ensures you of a comfortable indoor temperature, even during the coldest months in winter.

One can easily regulate central heating using ones mobile phone. As such it is possibly to preheat the Tiny House whilst commuting. In the current prototype central heating runs on LP gas, like the warm water supply of the kitchen and bathroom. However, it is possible to switch to (self-generated) electricity.

These water tanks can easily be connected to an external net, such as often available at camping sites. Similarly, one can connect to external electrical power sources.



The design of the Tiny House on Wheels is drawn by Louis Toebosch, an experienced architect from Venlo.

The RDW, a Dutch federal organisation, has tested the mobile tiny house successfully on road safety. Having been granted a Dutch licence plate, one can legally transport the tiny house across the European road network.

In addition, they limited fire hazards by applying stylish and fire resistant copper plates to the walls and floor surrounding the woodstove.

A local roofer built the entire roof of pure zinc.

The electric structure in combination with the solar panels has been installed by a specialized firm.

Lastly, a campervan and caravan-oriented company installed the entire gas- and (grey)water network.

Ecological & Mobile

Being an eco-conscious carpenter, sustainable materials of high quality are of great importance to me.

The main body of wood is from locally grown trees, complemented with some re-used hardwood.

The construction is made from spruce, considering its flexibility and low weight. The window frames, doors and outside walls on the other hand, are crafted from larch as it is well protected against the elements. The outside terrace is built from a combination of large and recycled tropical hardwood. Lastly, the indoors floor is constructed by ash wooden castle-like boarded floors.

The chassis is certified to be transported freely across European highways with a grand total weight up to 7.5 tons. In other words, one can move the Tiny House on Wheels rather spontaneously without needing to worry about removing furniture. Driving up to 80 kilometres an hour, moving across countries may only take you hours.

In mutual agreement, I am willing to transport the tiny house for you. Here at our carpenter workplace we have a well-suited vehicle for towing. In addition, all other tools required for transportation are ready to use.

Tiny-House Gallery

Full cost control

We determine the budget for the realisation of your Tiny-House on Wheels together in advance. A transparent relationship based on partnership forms the basis for the joint project.

Expert Support

Thanks to our distinctive networking within the industry and beyond, we can draw on a wide range of experts in a variety of fields, from architects to IT experts, if required. Talk to us!

Sustainable in Service

Even after the completion of the project, we don’t leave you out in the cold. Should any questions or problems arise, we are of course there for you. For us, sustainability begins with the selection of materials and also plays a key role in our service.

About Stefan Giesen

Since 1984 I have been working as a carpenter in the Dutch German borderregion around Düsseldorf. In our artisanal workspace we craft wooden stairs, windows, doors and all sorts of furniture. Furthermore, we renovated and refurbished various chains and companies across Europe.

Today the day I am intensively focused on creating a sustainable, autarch and mobil Tiny House. This eco-friendly will be ready for the market midst 2020.

“Stefan is a very punctual craftsman, he truly lived up to all our expectations. We enjoyed the quality and professionality that characterises him.”

Hans D.

Dentist, Venlo

“Ever since our acquittance with Stefan, we have been convinced by his ability to realize true craftmanship with sustainable and eco-friendly means.”

Jürgen a.M.

Galerist, Aldekerk